Video: ‘Seven-Time’ pushes ‘First-Time’ back to the finish line at the Glen

After winning his first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup race Sunday at Watkins Glen, Chase Elliott didn’t do a celebratory burnout.

That’s because he had run out of fuel shortly after crossing the finish line.  He was able to make it back around but coasted to a stop two turns before the front stretch.

Never fear, seven-time Cup champion Jimmie Johnson is here.

Johnson, who had plenty fuel, lined up and pushed his Hendrick Motorsports teammate to the frontstretch.  Monday Johnson spoke about the memorable moment in a race filled with memorable moments.

“I didn’t know Chase was out of gas so I assumed he was getting ready to do burnouts or something… once I realized he was out of gas I stopped, backed up and pushed him along,” he said. “Seeing Chase’s arm pumping along the way was so cool as I was pushing him. The crowd was going crazy!”

“I know how hard all of those second-place finishes have been on him,” Johnson added. “He’s a great friend, teammate and competitor – and I’m so incredibly happy for him. He is so talented behind the wheel and I’m glad that first win monkey is off of his back.”

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