Game on: Stenhouse fires back at Kyle Busch

Sure was hot in Kentucky Friday.  Shortly after Kyle Busch threw some shade at Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for a crash at Daytona last week, Stenhouse took a shot back at Busch.

Friday at Kentucky, Busch said Stenhouse did not reach out to him Monday of during this week after the crash last Saturday that left Busch with a DNF.

“I am disappointed that he did not,” Busch said.

“You wipe out half the field and pretty sure there would be a pretty busy Monday for him,” he added, “But there wasn’t, so apparently he just doesn’t care.”

Busch was then asked if the lack of communication would change the way Busch races Stenhouse moving forward.

“I can’t – I can’t worry about people that far back in the field,” he said.

After Friday evening’s qualifying session, Stenhouse and Busch could be seen talking. Later Stenhouse was asked if he had had a change of heart about reaching out to Busch.

“Not really a change of heart,” Stenhouse said. “I just told him why I didn’t reach out.”

Whatever was said between the two drivers, it would appear that pleasantries were not exchanged.

“I felt like he ran his mouth enough on his radio and then after the race, so I didn’t really have anything to say to him,” Stenhouse said.  “I honestly feel like I normally do reach out to people when I make mistakes and I clearly made a mistake, but with him running his mouth I just felt like I didn’t really need to call him.  I just let him know that.”

Stenhouse added: “I told him, ‘You’re right.  You do run a lot further up front, but pick and choose your battles wisely because you’ll have to deal with me sometime, whether you’re lapping me or we get our cars better and you’re up there racing with us.’  I told him if he wanted to keep running his mouth, he could come over and do it around me and I’ll stop it for him.”

So is the feud between the two over?

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Stenhouse said. “But if he wants to keep running his mouth, he can come over right to me.”