New Hampshire Motor Speedway was Joey Logano’s field of dreams

Joey Logano has vivid memories of New Hampshire Motor Speedway, where he came as a child with all his dreams intact.

And unlike many children who fantasize about become elite athletes, Logano hasn’t deviated from the path he envisioned as a pre-teen.

“For me, when you’re seven or eight years old, and I came to watch my first Cup race here… when you’re that old, yeah, there’s nothing telling you you can’t,” Logano said on Friday at the Magic Mile. ‘Yeah, I’m going to make it Cup racing. I’m going to win championships. Watch this. I’m going to be awesome.’

“All kids have a dream like that, and it’s really cool, and kids should have dreams like that and be able to try to make them happen. Sometimes you may have to change your dream as you go, but I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to be able to continue that long road to try to get to a championship. I still think it’s cool, though, to be out there.

“I remember coming here my first time and watching the time it was the Busch North Series and the modifieds and the Cup race, and I met Jeff Gordon. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and then you go out there and race against him 10 years later or so.”