Dancin’ Chris Buescher celebrates eventful off week

Chris Buescher and Emma Helton

FORT WORTH, Texas –Native Texan Chris Buescher may not be able to dance the Texas Two Step, but he took one very important step in his life during the Easter break in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series schedule.

Buescher got married to long-time girlfriend Emma Helton.

“We went and got married over Easter weekend, so that was really good,” Buescher said. “Emma and I started planning last year before there was a schedule out for this season, and that made it very difficult because she didn’t want a winter wedding, and we didn’t know our off-weekends yet.

“We knew we wouldn’t be racing on Easter. And then it threatened to rain out Atlanta and threatened to snow out Martinsville. It seemed like Easter weekend was always the fill-in date. So it definitely had us nervous through all of that.”

But a wedding meant a wedding dance, and that’s what really had Buescher nervous.

“We took dance lessons,” Buescher said. “We did two lessons. The woman that did it did a fantastic job. We met up with her in uptown Charlotte, and she asked what we wanted to know and first off, what you already know.

“I don’t know anything. I can’t sway. I can’t even do that. I can’t sit here and act like I know what I’m doing. And she’s like okay, what do you want to learn?  I said, ‘The Dirty Dancing lift at the end.’ And she said ‘All right, we’re going to back that down a bit.’ We compromised, and it actually came out really good. We were able to at least look like we had some clue of what we were doing out there.”