Video: Two crew members injured in scary accident at Pocono


Two pit crewmen were injured Friday during a frightening incident on pit road at Pocono Raceway. The crewmembers were working for Gus Dean in the ARCA Racing Series.  Jon House working as a jackman, and Pedro Martinez were both struck as Dean’s car slid into the pit stall. Both crewmembers were sent flying onto pit road. Martinez got up almost immediately but House lay on the ground not moving.

An ARCA official and another crewman ran out and stood in front of House as he lay on the pavement.   Both waved other racecars around the prone House. Medics soon arrived on the scene and after a few moments, House was able to stand and left pit road with assistance.

House later tweeted a picture thought to be from a local hospital. He was wearing a neck brace but smiling.  His wife later tweeted that House had a possible concussion and possibly a small bleed.  She also said doctors expect him to make a “close to, or full recovery”.  Martinez was checked and released at the track’s infield car center.

Driver Dean later reported that he lost the brakes on his car and that’s what caused the accident.

House was the subject of a Fox Sports report in 2015 detailing his fight with cancer on the road to becoming a crewmember in racing.  Last week House tweeted that he was