The King, Richard Petty sounds off new NASCAR changes

Richard Petty (Getty Images)
Richard Petty (Getty Images)
Richard Petty (Getty Images)

CHARLOTTE NC- Seven time champion and winner of 200 races, Richard Petty had seen a lot of changes in his time.

Monday nights was perhaps one of the bigger ones.  A new format for all three top touring series will award points based on 3 “stages” during a race. Each segment will also have a winner who will earn “playoff” points, 1 each for a segment win.  These playoff points will be carried over into NASCAR playoffs.

Those playoffs will still be a ten race elimination, however the word “Chase” will no longer be used.

Shortly after the format was announced Petty commented on the changes.

“Since NASCAR started, there has always been change,” Petty said. ‘The world changes and you have to change with it. This new format just adapts to the current and next generation of fans. It’s something to help create more excitement during the races. You have to put on a good race, a good show where people want to watch at home and enjoy coming to the track. Having two additional winning moments is a good step in that direction to keep the drivers competitive and fans excited throughout the race and season.”

“As an owner, I’m fine with it. I have the same rules as everyone else. That’s fair. We just have to figure out how to be the best under this format.”