NASCAR, Xfinity unveil new branding for 2018 season

During introductory remarks on NASCAR Xfinity Series media day at Embassy Suites Tuesday, the sanctioning body and the series entitlement sponsor unveiled a new series trademark for 2018.

As Matt Lederer, Comcast’s executive director of sports marketing, gestured from a balcony at the hotel, the new mark lit up on a video screen high on the wall of the NASCAR Hall of Fame across the street.

“We worked very hard with NASCAR—and the process was very collaborative—to make sure that the series mark represented what we feel the future of the series is,” Lederer said. “We wanted to make sure it stood apart. We wanted to make sure our brand came through in a big way.

“We wanted to make sure it reflected the future of the series, something that we believe in so deeply.”

Jill Gregory, NASCAR senior vice president and chief marketing officer, extolled the season-long effort to devise the new branding.

“We’re excited about it, and we think it reflects all the great things about the XFINITY Series,” Gregory said. “Comcast and NASCAR spent a lot of time building the brand and talking about ‘Names are made here.’

“The new mark is bold, it’s simple, but it will still communicate all the great things about the series.”