The Muppets get Darrell Wallace Jr. in trouble with NASCAR

Darrell Wallace Jr.
Darrell Wallace Jr.
Darrell Wallace Jr.

NASCAR issued its weekly penalty report Wednesday and Xfinity series driver Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. was at the top of the list.

Wallace was fined $15,000 for his criticism of NASCAR officials after Xfinity series races at Daytona International Speedway.  On the final lap of the race eventual winner Aric Almirola and Justin Allgaier were racing for the lead. As they entered turn 4 on the final lap a crash erupted behind them. NASCAR let the two frontrunners race for a moment then threw a yellow flag ending the race under caution and declaring Almirola the winner.  There was widespread displeasure for the call by NASCAR, but officials later explained that while they wanted the race to end under green, once the magnitude of the crash became clear, they called the caution in order to allow safety workers to get to the scene.

Wallace, who finished 20th was among those who disagreed with the decision Tweeting: “Got the muppets up there officiating tonight! Never know how to react under pressure…  Whatta joke”

Wednesday’s penalty was listed as a behavioral penalty under Sections 12.1; 12.8 a; 12.8.1 b of the NASCAR Rule Book. Those sections pertain to disciplinary action and NASCAR member conduct. Section 12.1 of the rule book deals with the general procedure for a violation of NASCAR rules. Rule 12.8 a deals with NASCAR membership and member conduct and Rule 12.8.1 b deals with potential penalties and details having to do with member conduct.

Also on this week’s penalty report on the Cup side, the No. 1 team of Jamie McMurray was issued a written warning for failing the pre-race laser inspection system. This is the team’s second warning. After four warnings a team loses its pit selection for the next race.