NASCAR Sprint Media Tour Day 3 wrap up: Stock cars don’t have headlights

(Photo: Greg Engle)

Penske Racing

Breaking news! Stock cars don’t have headlights! I know. If you’re a NASCAR fan you already new this, but I didn’t even notice until Wednesday. The media tour started Monday. That’s three days later!

The moment the light bulb went on! It was at the Penske dinner. The evening was held at the facility where Penske put together their stock cars. It was while walking around that I discovered what was missing.

The dinner was great. The meal was delicious and the events were fun. They, of course, brought up the entire team. Last years Sprint Cup Series Champion, Brad Keselowski stole the stage, along with Joey Logano.

The big news for the night? Well, we already new that Penske was switching for Dodge to Ford. But for the Nationwide series car this season, Hertz will be a primary sponsor. In addition, we also found out Logano would be racing the Sprint Cup Series with Shell-Pennzoil as his sponsor for a few more years as that sponsorship has been extended through 2015.

After being split up for one-on-one interviews, we had a relaxing evening at a Fox Sports Media event. There we were treated to food and drinks, while executives from Fox Sports talked about their plans to kick off the season. Of course, the new Generation 6 cars were a major topic of conversation. the Fox Sports broadcasting crew, including Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds were in the room mingling while we ate ice cream sundaes; yes ice cream sundaes.

All in all though, it was great way to end a day that started out in an airplane hanger.