Goodyear’s New Tires Are Also ‘Next Gen’

NASCAR’s Next Gen car isn’t the only thing debuting at Daytona this week.

The 2022 Daytona 500 will also be the first race on Goodyear’s next-generation Eagle tires as NASCAR’s Next-Gen car makes its official debut in a points paying event. The new car features a host of changes to the wheels, which are now much bigger at 18 inches in diameter and considerably wider. 

Making a tire to fit those requirements was coupled with the Next-Gen goal of mirroring the street cars on which the vehicle is based and that meant creating much more of a road tire compared to other racing series. That was an “important goal” of the new tire, according to Goodyear; and they feel they have accomplished that. 

“Creating a low-profile, street-inspired tire for Cup Series racing was a significant accomplishment that required coordination throughout the entire NASCAR racing community,” said Greg Stucker, director of race tire sales and marketing for Goodyear.

The compound is softer than previous years for increased grip and durability. It was tested at 25 racetracks on the NASCAR schedule, primarily ovals, with an emphasis on maintaining durability and limiting degradation. Overall, Goodyear ran thousands of testing miles in collaboration with the sport and teams.

“Goodyear’s NASCAR Next Gen race tire is integral to the vehicle system and is the only component that physically connects the Next Gen car to the racetrack,” added John Probst, NASCAR senior vice president, racing innovation. “Goodyear’s endless engineering and collaboration throughout the testing and development process has been absolutely critical and continues to help drive the sport forward.”

Owen Johnson