Daniel Suarez has a simple answer to a driver’s popularity

Daniel Saurez (Getty Images)

RICHMOND, Va. – Daniel Suarez, a Sunoco rookie in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, doesn’t have the same level of fan support that has accrued to Dale Earnhardt Jr.—no one else does—but the Mexican driver believes he knows how to win over new boosters.

“I think it’s very simple – it’s just being yourself,” Suarez said. “I think every single driver out there in the garage has different personalities. Dale has his personality; Kyle (Busch) has his personality; Jimmie Johnson has his personality; I have my personality; and everyone is different.

“When every single driver can go out there and be themselves, I think that’s very cool, and the fans like that. You know, so far, it’s what I’ve been doing, and I think it’s the right thing to do.”

That not to say that he or any other driver will rival Earnhardt’s popularity.

“Dale has been more than a role model for the sport, and it’s great what he has done,” Suarez said. “Like I said on Twitter last week, I’m kind of new into the sport, but I have learned a lot from him in and out of the racetrack.

“A great guy, a great driver, and I’m looking forward to keep racing with him this year and to keep hanging out with him, as well, in the future.”