Spotters face a unique challenge at Chicago Street Course

The hazy Chicago skyline backdrops the racecourse along South Columbus Drive on June 27, 2023, ahead of the NASCAR Chicago Street Race. (Eileen T. Meslar/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

The 2.2-mile, 12-turn Chicago Street course will require three spotters to help drivers navigate the circuit.

The primary location will be atop the President’s Paddock Club looking toward Turn 1. From that point, spotters also will be able to view Turn 2 and Turn 6, the latter of which is in close proximity to Turn 1 at the heart of the course.

Additional spotters will take their positions atop large tourist buses in Turn 4 and at the Charlotte Symphony Center, which overlooks Turns 7 through 11.

Chicago Street Race president Julie Giese noted that a huge number of concrete barriers had been trucked into the city to define the margins of the circuit. Each barrier weighs 10,000 pounds, limiting the cargo to eight per truck.

The first barriers were placed on June 17 on Jackson Street.