Everything we expect to see at 2022 Hollywood Casino 400

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS - MAY 15: A general view of racing during the NASCAR Cup Series AdventHealth 400 at Kansas Speedway on May 15, 2022 in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Looking forward to the Hollywood Casino 400? You’re not the only one. This big race is getting closer and closer, and excitement is building, especially as the NASCAR season unfolds.

What can viewers expect from this year’s Hollywood Casino 400? Will it be similar to last year, or will the action look different in 2022?

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In this article, we’re delving into the famous Kansas-based race and what we might be treated to this September. Keep reading to find out more.


What is the Hollywood Casino 400?

Before we jump into expectations and possibilities, we’ll quickly give new NASCAR fans a rundown on the Hollywood Casino 400.

This racing event will take place on September 11th, 2022 – and will be the 21st year that drivers take to the Kansas Speedway. Professional drivers have impressed fans here since 2001, and the competition gets more challenging each year.

The Hollywood Casino 400 takes place on the Kansas Speedway, located in Kansas City. Here, we see racers take on the 400.5-mile track, hoping to secure a place for the next playoff. This race is part of the Cup Series playoffs, and it’s the second race that talented drivers take on.

Although the Kansas event is known as the Hollywood Casino 400, it was previously called the Price Chopper 400, the Camping World RV 400 and the Protection One 400. Each time the corporate sponsor changes, the name does too.

What can viewers expect to see?

So, what’s in the cards for the Hollywood 400 2022?

The Kansas Speedway is set to provide more exciting action, especially after the NASCAR races we’ve already seen since February this year. It’s an excellent year for driving, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, no odds are available for this race yet, but this will all change soon. The race is mere months away, and we’ll find out which drivers are the bookies’ favorites very soon.

Spectators will be able to see the Hollywood Casino 400 practice run on September 10th at 6 pm. A further qualifying run will occur at 6:45 pm on the same day. After these two races, we’ll know everything about the final race.

The Hollywood Casino 400 will take place on September 11th at 9 pm. Ensure you note this date and time, so you don’t miss the action!

Current predictions

While we don’t know any specifics right now, past races can give us an idea of likely scenarios.

Kyle Larson, the 2021 Hollywood Casino 400 winner, might be back to defend his title. Larson completed his 2021 win with the Hendrick Motorsports team and a Chevrolet car. On Wednesday, July 20th, Larson was awarded the Best Driver Award at the 2022 ESPYS.

Not only does this prove his professional prowess, but it also makes him a dominating competitor on the track. Will this be a second-year Kansas win for the driver? Only time will tell.

However, Larson did end up in second place at the Advent Health 400, so it’s all up in the air in the upcoming race.

About the Kansas Speedway Track

Wondering what this year’s qualifying drivers will be up against? The Kansas Speedway track is one of the most popular circuits, and for a good reason.

The Speedway is an asphalt oval track with approximately 17 to 20 degrees of progressive banking on the turns. There’s a further nine to 11 degrees of progressive banking on the front stretch and a smaller five degrees of banking on the backstretch.

The Hendrick Motorsports team has the most wins on this course, so it seems these experts have the technique nailed down. Chevrolet is the manufacturer with the most wins here too. Perhaps these two together offer the winning solution.

The takeaway

Who do you think has what it takes to win the Hollywood Casino 400 at the Kansas Speedway? The NASCAR Cup Series is an intense few races, and the pressure will be red hot leading up to the event.

Not all drivers will qualify for the next round, so locking into a top spot is all-important. Whether you’re watching from home or in Kansas City, make sure you track the odds on a reliable sports betting app for the best experience.