Will the NASCAR Pinty’s series begin in August?

What is the Pinty’s Series?

Could it be time for drivers to take to the Canadian tracks once again? After a series of postponements due to the pandemic, NASCAR fans are looking to August for the potential start date of the 2021 Pinty’s Series.

For those unfamiliar with the Pinty’s Series, this is one of NASCAR’s top international series. NASCAR’s popularity resulted in expansion north of the American border to Canada with this year’s races expected to take place across Ontario and Quebec.

The Pinty’s Series began back in 2007 after NASCAR acquired the CASCAR Super Series. Since then, the leading driver for most race wins with 28 is the native Canadian Andrew Ranger.

The pandemic’s effect on the 2021 Pinty’s Series

Many fans would have been hoping for a closer-to-normal schedule for the Pinty’s Series this time around, but it appears not. Last year’s series had to adapt and instead put on a six-race mini-series known as Pinty’s FanCave Challenge which was won by Jason Hathaway.

This season once again is facing more obstacles as the event organizers look to find a solution. The first race at Sunset Speedway in Innisfil, Ontario was set to take place on May 23rd, but the pandemic has once again delayed the season.

NASCAR released a statement expressing their intentions to run a full championship season with at least 10 races. They hope to begin racing in August which many fans will be crossing their fingers for.

Like all sports, stock car racing events and all motorsports have been hit hard by COVID-19. NASCAR is a business of live events so cannot make money from fans coming to watch and with the complete halt of races, they lose numbers of TV viewers which ultimately affects them.

With the pandemic continuing to prove difficult for NASCAR, they are still hoping to provide a normal schedule, just at a later date.

The planned schedule

A regular Pinty’s Series features 12 races across 8 tracks, but some are questioning the possibility of a full schedule. Fans are optimistic however and are said to be open to a lesser schedule like last year, despite NASCAR committed to a minimum of 10 races.

Providing the series is given the green light, this is how the schedule would look:

  • Sunset Speedway — Innisfil, ON
  • Jukasa Motor Speedway — Hagersville, ON
  • Flamboro Speedway Race 1 — Hamilton, ON
  • Flamboro Speedway Race 2 — Hamilton, ON
  • Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières — Trois-Rivières, QC
  • Ohsweken Speedway — Ohsweken, ON
  • Circuit ICAR — Mirabel, QC
  • Autodrome Chaudière Race 1 — Vallèe-Jonction, QC
  • Autodrome Chaudière Race 2 — Vallèe-Jonction, QC
  • Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Race 1 — Bowmanville, ON
  • Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Race 2 — Bowmanville, ON
  • Jukasa Motor Speedway — Hagersville, ON

Regardless of whether or not the numbers for NASCAR are growing, the popularity of this motorsport particularly in the United States and Canada is undeniable.

From the deep history of the sport in this part of the world to the entertainment factor that comes with a revving engine and speeding cars circling a track. In comparison to other sports, many fans are drawn by the relatability of the drivers and their lack of prima-donna behavior.

Fans see the drivers as regular folk from their town but are those who drive fast and very unlike the famous NBA or NFL athletes. When you see which parts of America NASCAR have large shares of fans, it makes sense as they tend to focus on smaller cities and towns in states such as North Carolina and Florida to name a few.

With the United States changing its stance on gambling laws and handing over control to the states, many more states have decided to legalize gambling, particularly sports betting. The same is also happening in Canada where citizens can now place bets online. Various providers have entered the Canadian sports betting market including Bet365+ who are offering a variety of bonuses for new customers.

As a result of this, many NASCAR fans will be able to take advantage and make some quick cash as they make their predictions. Hopefully, with the pending confirmation of the Pinty’s Series in August, it opens the door to start looking for the best Pinty’s Series and NASCAR odds available in the market.

Looking across the sporting world, many sports including other motorsports like Formula One have managed to deal with the pandemic and provide a more stable 2021 season. Although Formula One is a global event and NASCAR is mostly in the US, this poses different considerations as any impacts on the US can affect NASCAR as a whole.

But it appears that the situation in the US and Canada is improving, and NASCAR is confident that they can provide something at least for this year’s Pinty’s Series. Hopefully, NASCAR fans won’t have to wait too long until they hear a confirmation.

Waiting for the green light

The pandemic has hit the world of sport badly, including motorsport. While 2020 was a year that shuck NASCAR, they had to manage and adapt to the situation. Even though things have improved both in terms of case numbers but also event planning, NASCAR Pinty’s Series has hit a stumbling block once again.

NASCAR though appears confident of putting on a show around August time, but it is yet to be confirmed. Until then, NASCAR fans are going to have to sit and wait a little longer.



Greg Engle