Toyota unveils 2024 NASCAR Cup series Camry XSE

2024 NASCAR Toyota Camry XSE that will be raced in the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series

Toyota will continue to race the Camry in the NASCAR Cup series continuing the model’s history in the sport dating back to 2007.

Monday the manufacturer unveiled the Camry XSE that will give them eight entries including two cars with Legacy Motor Club which is moving from the Chevrolet camp.

The design closely follows the 2025 Toyota Camry XSE street version of the car.  The new features of the car include a distinctive hammerhead styling on the front facia with an upper grille slot that is tied into the updated slim and wide headlights.

The outside of the larger lower grille area also features C-shaped corner vents, while the hood features new character lines and new hood duct exits. The back facia of the car includes revised quarter panel styling and chamfered bumper corners on the back of the corner panels that blend into the rear bumper. These features, along with updated thinner taillights, give the new Camry race car a more sculpted appearance.

“The 2024 Camry XSE race car will properly highlight Toyota’s attention to detail as has been showcased in the new street version Toyota Camry. We are excited to bring this car to the race track and continue to achieve success with it for years to come,” said Paul Doleshal, group manager of motorsports, TMNA (Toyota Motor North America). “The amount of work put into this car’s production cannot be overstated, and we thank everyone at TRD and Calty Design for their efforts in creating a premier vehicle for our team partners to compete for wins and championships.”

Toyota continues to be the only manufacturer in NASCAR to showcase three nameplates across the three national series – the Camry in the Cup series, the GR Supra in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, and the Tundra TRD Pro in the NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series. Since joining the Cup and Xfinity series in 2007, Toyota has earned 180 Cup wins and three Cup championships along with 201 Xfinity victories and four Xfinity titles. And since its entry into the Truck series in 2004, Toyota has claimed 228 wins and nine Truck Series championships.

“The foundation of Toyota’s presence in NASCAR is our commitment to continuous improvement on and off the racetrack. Our Camry XSE race car reinforces that mantra and accurately reflects the key design attributes of the all-new production Toyota Camry,” said David Wilson, president of TRD. “As we prepare for the 2024 season, we look forward to working closely with our race team partners to optimize the performance of the newly-designed Camry race car so we can continue our legacy of leading laps, winning races and competing for championships with the Camry nameplate.”

Greg Engle