NASCAR: More Details Revealed About The Newest Team

Last Friday, a new team signed for the NASCAR Cup series under the name BJ McLeod Motorsports with Joe Falk and Matt Tifft. The team officially solidified several details about the organization while getting ready for the 2021 schedule.

Matt Tifft and BJ McLeod formed a partnership in October after Matt’s seizures sidelined him in late 2019. However, while Matt’s career remains in question, the team has confirmed that they will be running full-time come next year. While the team is preparing, punters can check out the for fantasy leagues like NASCAR ahead of the 2021 schedule.

The new NASCAR Cup series team has already bought the half charter used by GO FAS Racing to reach the #32 Ford. That came after Go Fas Racing confirmed in October that they would not be participating as a full-time team in next year’s event. However, Joe Flak from Circle Sports still owns the other half.

It’s confirmed that the new team will be known as Live Fast motorsports, and there will be an alliance with Stewart as racing did this past season with Corey Lajoie behind the wheel of the #32 ford.  The pair of Michael Jordan and Bubba Wallace have officially announced the team name, the car number. Bubba Wallace has suffered some setbacks as he had to survive the lockdown like the rest of the world and hasn’t participated in any race for months.

B.J. McLeod has been confirmed as the driver of the #78 Live Fast Motorsport Ford. The team is excited to join a group of owners and be the newest team and ownership coming into the sport. That comes as the new model in the NASCAR next-gen car is set to allow new teams to compete at a higher level.

According to NASCAR, McLeod said that it had been a decade of dreaming, hard work, and being focused. Many relationships have been built to get to this point, and McLeod is looking forward to continuing working that way.

The owner of B.J. McLeod Motorsports in the NASCAR Xfinity Series is McLeod. He runs three cars for a variety of drivers, which include sporadic start by the owner himself. In 2020, the 37 years old completed the twenty-first position in the standings with a best finish at Bristol 1.

In the spring,  BJMM expanded to the cup level, fielding the #78 on a limited scale for McLeod and Garrett Smithley, and they will continue to operate at the Xfinity level.

Due to health reasons, tiff stepped back from the driver seat late into his cup rookies in 2019. He ended his top-level campaign in the thirty-first position. McLeod and Tiff had worked together throughout the career, including mentoring by McLeod and racing for his team in the camping world truck series.

On Friday, Matt Tifft, together with B.J. McLeod, announced their new team’s identity, which will field #78 Ford Mustang full-time for the 2021 NASCAR cup series season. Tiff and McLeod took over the charter from Archie St. Hilaire after announcing that his squad was taking a step back for a part-time schedule in 2021. Archie shared the charter with Joe Falk, who operated teams like Circle Sports.

Greg Engle