High-Speed Reel Play: Racing for Pinks

Fast cars and video games – these two have always gone hand in hand. Although the first video game was not a racing one (it was a tennis simulator), racing games appeared early in the history of video gaming, and they are a success ever since. Most car-related video games are either race simulators or involve street racing. The game we’re about to review below is one of them, although it doesn’t involve racing – it simulates something much more similar to what you can find in Las Vegas. Still, it involves cars, racing, and reels – it’s called Racing for Pinks, and you can try it today at the Royal Vegas Casino.

Pink slips and custom cars

If you decide to play online games at Royal Vegas, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by its massive library. This is not a surprise: the Royal Vegas has one of the largest game libraries among all the gaming destinations you can try online. Its more than 700 games cover everything from sports to fishing, including racing – especially street racing, with the Racing for Pinks video slot machine.

Racing for Pinks appears to be a cross between NASCAR, Need for Speed, and Smokie and Bandit. The racers are all a bit wacky, and their cars are heavily customized. Aside from the cars, the reels also have engines, N2O, and a bag filled with cash – which sets this race aside from anything organized. While the prize on the reels is virtual, Royal Vegas players can really take home part of it. More on this later.

Simple, fun gameplay

Racing for Pinks works much like any other video slot machine: you feed it with credits, spin the reels, and wait. It has five reels, three rows, and 243 ways to win. It comes with the usual special symbols – Wilds to stand in for any other symbol, and Scatters to trigger its 30 free spins. Nothing new here. But things get more interesting when the race actually starts.

When Bonus Race symbols land on reels 1 and 5, the race begins. Players will be required to pick a racer to compete with another one in five consecutive rounds. If the player’s pick is correct, players advance to the next level and pick another racer. Winning each race will apply an increasing multiplier to the line bet, and the grand prize will pay out 175 times the bet amount.

Although Racing for Pinks is not an actual racing game, its fast pace and colorful visuals make it insanely fun to play. Filled with fast cars, wacky racers, and big wins, it provides players with everything they seek – entertainment, cash, and some well-deserved racing action.

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