CHEVY MENCS AT Texas 1: William Byron Press Conf. Transcript

MARCH 29, 2019
WILLIAM BYRON, NO. 24 AXALTA/PRIMELINE CAMARO ZL1 met with media and discussed his practice session and traction compound, the gains his team is making, and more. Full Transcript:
GIBBS AND PENSKE HAVE WON ALL THE RACES SO FAR, IS THIS A TRACK WHERE SOMEONE NEW CAN BREAK THROUGH TO WIN? “I hope so. Our practice was pretty good, but obviously those guys have done the best job in managing the races, and having the most speed. So, I’m not really sure. I think this race will be, if it stays cloudy throughout the weekend, it will be the most pack racing we’ve seen. I think the cars are pretty easy to drive relative to that practice session. We will see what happens. I feel like the other tracks the cars were harder to drive and more separation between cars so maybe that will enable some other guys to be in the show.”
DOES THE PREVIOUS SUCCESS THAT YOUR CAR NUMBER HAS HAD HERE WEIGH IN TO TEAM DISCUSSIONS AND PREPARATIONS? “There have been a lot of changes to the track. We finished top-10 here in the spring. But there has been so many changes that have been going on, I don’t think you can look too much at past success, especially with the new package. It is a way different beast than we had here. So, the track has been very different here the last couple of years with the repave, and I think with the compound that is in the second and third lanes this year hopefully it widens out. I think it will which will produce a different race for sure.”
DID YOU FEEL ANY DIFFERENCE DURING THAT PRACTICE WITH THE TRACTION COMPOUND THAT IS ON THE TRACK? “I think it was actual slicker. What we have seen when they put that stuff down is it usually takes a little bit of heat, and guys run over that for it to actually activate and work. So, I had a pretty big moment there right at the end of practice. I guess I put my right sides in it and it wasn’t really very grippy. So I think it takes a little bit of time to acclimate to the track and for us to be able to run in it to make it work. I think that after Truck race, you will see that grove widen out probably, and once we get to practicing, we should have it pretty widened out.”
WHAT DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU MIGHT BE LACKING OR IS IT REALLY TOO SOON TO SEE ANY GAINS YOUR TEAM IS SEARCHING FOR? “I would say it is too soon. We have to get out there in race practice to see if those issues are improved. But we kind of know where we are lacking, and there is a lot of progress being made over this week to improve that. I wouldn’t say anything we have is the same as what he had on the West Coast-what we are working with. I’m interested in seeing how that works. We showed some speed in qualifying in the previous races. It is a credit to the guys working to get the cars trimmed out and getting them fast for Fridays. But ultimately Saturday and Sunday are a lot different with this package so we will see what happens.”
WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE A YOUNG DRIVER TO HAVE TO BE PATIENT TO PAY YOUR DUES TO GET TO THE TOP: “I think patience is more of a thing that goes on mid-week and trying to just process what went on and get to the next week. Obviously I lean on my teammates and their advice and what they are doing. And Jimmie (Johnson) having as much experience as he does, trying to lean on him and learn from what he has been through. Really I just lean on my teammates to kind of figure out how I can make those improvements. Those guys are some of the most successful in the sport right now, so trying to get to that point is an obvious goal. I would say patience is word but just trying to make small gains and incremental gains from where we are to try to get there.”
Greg Engle