Anne France

Anne France

Anne B. France

(b. /1904 d. 01/02/1992)

Hometown: Nathan’s Creek, N.C.

Behind every great man…

The rest of that old adage applies perfectly to Anne Bledsoe, as she was known until she married a Washington, D.C. native named Bill France.

They met at a dance at Children’s Hospital in the nation’s capital, and were married in 1931. They arrived in Daytona Beach, Fla., in 1934.

Bill France, aka “Big Bill,” had a mind for business, and his wife owned a knack for finance.

The pair would team to create what today is one of the largest and most popular sports in the world.

Anne France played a huge role in the family business. He organized and promoted races and she took care of financial end of the business.

She first served as secretary and treasurer of NASCAR, and when Daytona International Speedway opened in 1959, she served in the same roles for International Speedway Corporation.

She also managed the speedway’s ticket office. She remained active in family and business life until her passing in 1992.

Greg Engle