NASCAR Chooses the Formula 1 Track Layout For Their COTA Round

NASCAR will be using the 3.41-mile Grand Prix track during the Circuit of the Americas scheduled for 2021. That will be NASCAR’s first appearance in the Circuit of Americas, resulting from a huge calendar shakeup set to increase road racing. That includes six races hosted on road courses with less intermediate oval tracks and the first race on dirt since the 70s.

NASCAR considered hosting the race in the small 2.2-mile course, although they finally decided to use a layout similar to the one used in Formula 1 for the US Grand Prix. That’s similar to IndyCar, which also took the long course when it was hosted here in 2019. The Austin Road course came to life in 2012, and it has hosted various motorsports events since it’s launch, including the MotoGP.

For the first time, NASCAR will be bringing together all three national divisions in one event, creating more opportunities for online sports betting and racing fun. Our goal is to bring the best online sportsbooks and casinos closer to you. According to Speedway Motorsport CEO Marcus Smith, they seriously considered both the newly configured 2.2-mile course and the longer 3.41-mile course, and there was no doubt which option would be most entertaining. The longer course also has more opportunities for hillside viewing, with more options for trackside camping.

Every NASCAR driver will face the same 20-turn counter-clockwise course designed for Formula 1. Several alterations will be made on the track ahead of NASCAR’s arrival, with new tire-packs set in potential high-impact areas. Other alterations include extending the pit-road wall and installing scoring loops and caution lights, with rumble strips and new curbing.

There are no official announcements on the number of laps or race length, although racing fans are highly anticipating this world-class event. However, the Circuit Of The America (COTA) will also be collaborating with NASCAR to formulate some safety and competition enhancements to include the Xfinity, Cup Series, and Camping World Trucks.

According to Marcus Smith, the organizers are making every effort to ensure NASCAR’s first weekend becomes an unforgettable experience like no other. As such, the race will be a major event in the 2021 sports calendar for both the fans and the competitors. The series will be kicking off on 23rd May, and racing enthusiasts have been eager to see the schedule since Speedway Motorsports announced the race in September. Fortunately, now fans are sure which of the courses that NASCAR will be using.

Greg Engle