Top Gear’s Richard Hammond talks NASCAR

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond paid a visit to NASCAR recently (BBC Worldwide/Oisin Tymon)

It’s one of the most popular programs on television. The BBC show Top Gear enjoys, by some estimates 300 million worldwide viewers.  One of the hosts, Richard Hammond recently traveled to America to get a taste of the country’s largest motorsport, NASCAR.  To put the visit in context, the show has often made of the sport of NASCAR once being run out of Alabama after driving a car with the words ‘nascar sucks’ spray painted on the side.

Hammond came to Texas Motor Speedway last fall and immersed himself in the world of NASCAR for the new season of the show.  The episode featuring Hammond’s NASCAR visit will air on April 27. Tuesday Hammond took time to answer a few questions from the media and show that his view of NASCAR may have changed as a result of his visit.

Here are a few of the questions he was asked, including some from

Talk about your experience at Texas Motor Speedway during the shoot, and was it all you expected for Top Gear when you focused on NASCAR for an episode? MORE>>>


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