Tony Stewarts’ fall from grace continues at Michigan

Tony Stewart suffered an engine problem Sunday at Michigan. (Getty Images)

He may be the reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup point’s leader, but after Sunday’s disaster at Michigan Tony Stewart may find it hard to repeat as champion this season.

Stewart started the day 14th and it didn’t take long for problems to arise. On lap 52 Stewart radioed in that his engine felt like it was souring. With no indication on the gauges, Stewart reported that he felt the engine losing power. Not long after Stewart headed to the garage suffering from the same engine woes that befell other Hendrick Motorsports entries including Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon later in the race.

“I appreciate everybody at the Hendrick engine department,” Stewart was quick to say as his crew worked to get his Chevy back on track.  “We had three different engine tuners down there trying to get it fixed for us.  It wasn’t for a lack of effort.  It’s uncommon to have a problem like this there. It’s not something I’m concerned about and having problems in the future with it’s just a bad day and like I said we have the best engine department in the world in my opinion.  Definitely in this series they did everything they could do.” MORE>>>


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