Tony Stewart’s bizarre rant after Talladega leaves media wondering


Tony Stewart finished 24th Sunday at Talladega. (Getty Images)

Tony Stewart is one of the most interesting characters in NASCAR.  Never one to mince words, Stewart is one of the most honest and direct drivers in the garage. He’s also known for some lively interview sessions .In the past few years however, most people have seen a sanitized Stewart whose calm demeanor is opposite of his early years when he was known for angry rants and wicked digs at the media.

At Richmond in March some of the old Tony Stewart reappeared as he sparred with the media. Sunday after his 24th place finish at Talladega, Stewart spent a few minutes after getting out of his car answering a few questions from assembled media.  The answers he gave had many scratching their heads and wondering which version of Tony Stewart they were getting.

Stewart answered the questions without breaking a smile or giving any indication that he was joking yet in fact he was, at least most felt he was. When it was over, Stewart simply walked away. MORE>>>


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