Review: FanVison puts NASCAR fan in the action

For years, it’s been no secret that NASCAR fans want more information while attending a race. The first evidence of this was the widespread use of the old fashioned clunky headphones fans used to hook up to an AM radio in hopes of catching a broadcast of the race on a local station.  The headphones were as much a part of the required gear as coolers and sunscreen.

The days of the old clunky headphones faded away in 2006 with the introduction of Sprint’s Fan View. The Fan View from Kangaroo TV enhanced the NASCAR fan experience by allowing fans at a race to use a handheld device that featured audio, TV and real time stats. It was so innovative that the Fan View was named one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2006. But as the fast pace of technology changes soon cell phones, which are of course Sprint’s core product, began to feature information once available only on Fan View. By 2010 the numbers of fans renting the unit at the track fell to single digit percentages. 

Sprint opted not to continue the Fan View beyond 2011 and now a new company has stepped in to fill the void. MORE>>>

The new FanVision
The new FanVision