NASCAR will plant trees and has racecars that go 500 miles per hour

NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France announces that NASCAR will move to a 15-percent ethanol fuel mix for the 2011 season prior the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 16, 2010 (Getty Images)

Only days prior to Earth Day 2012, NASCAR went on a PR blitz designed to take advantage of the day when many try and draw attention to environmental awareness around the globe.

The PR blitz not only included a release touting all the green initiatives NASCAR has developed recently, but included media avails fronted by NASCAR chairmen and CEO Brain France. While the intention of course, was to show the world how ‘green’ NASCAR has become, one of the media avails didn’t quite turn out as hoped.

While being interviewed on MSNBC, Mr. France pointed out that in celebration of Earth Day, ‘NASCAR will be planting trees’ (To celebrate I will also be mowing my grass).  An obviously enthusiastic host Thomas Roberts later quipped, in all seriousness, that the ‘obvious draw for NASCAR is the speed, cars going up to about 500 miles per hour, right? And so, that’s going to burn a lot of fuel. Mr. France, seemingly oblivious to the gaff, agreed with Mr. Roberts. MORE>>>


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