How will fans react to NASCAR’s Hendrick ruling?

It was a victory on a battlefield where victories are rare, counted in single digits. Rick Hendrick appeared before NASCAR Stock Car Racing Chief Appellate Officer, John Middlebrook and made on last appeal in an attempt to keep his crewmembers at the track and return the points taken from his driver.

The trouble for the No. 48 team began during opening day inspection at Daytona, when the Chevy was found to have the ‘A’ posts out of specification. The team removed and reinstalled the areas and the car passed inspection. However, NASCAR found the team had broken the rules and said there would be penalties.

Crew chief Chad Knaus and car chief Ron Malec were suspended from six NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship events, suspended from NASCAR until April 18 and placed on NASCAR probation until May 9. Knaus was fined $100,000. Driver Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon, who is listed as the car owner, were penalized with the loss of 25 driver and 25 owner points respectively. MORE>>>

The No. 48 team won five consecutive NASCAR titles. (Getty Images)