Heavy winds wreak havoc at Kentucky Speedway injuring crew member

A large tent blows over as high winds hit during qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway on June 29, 2012 in Sparta, Kentucky. (Photo by Rainier Ehrhardt/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Heavy winds from an approaching thunderstorm caused minor damage at Kentucky Speedway Friday during NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying.  Tents, both large and small were thrown around and NASCAR was forced to halt qualifying temporarily.

Heat was the order of the day prior to the storms arrival. Eastern Kentucky is enduring the heat wave much of the country is currently suffering from. Temperatures hovered near 100 degrees as drivers practiced on Friday, some estimated the temperatures inside the cars were hovering near 130 degrees.

“We may need these fire suits before too long without even a fire in the car — it’s pretty hot,” Clint Bowyer joked. “But, it’s the same for everybody. You’ve just got to tough it out.  I’ve been out in the Midwest all week long.  It’s been in the 100s — 104, 105.  I think I saw 106 one day, so I’m kind of used to it, but I’ll be a lot more hydrated this weekend than I was this week.  I can promise you that.”

Jimmie Johnson said the heat will definitely be a factor for Saturday night’s race. MORE>>>


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