For Carl Edwards the season is now high risk, high reward

Carl Edwards time at the front of the field was brief Sunday. (Getty Images)

Carl Edwards was hoping for a turnaround, a big day, redemption. The driver, who nearly won the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship in 2011, has struggled this season. His last win came last year at Las Vegas and his finishes this season have only been good enough to keep Edwards barely hanging on to the hope of contending for the title.

As the Chase fast approaches, Edwards is fully aware that his time to secure a spot in the final championship run is growing short.  During NASCAR’s last off-week, Edwards’ longtime crew chief Bob Osborne stepped down and veteran Chad Norris took over.  The team headed to Indy hopeful they could start fighting their way back.

It wasn’t to be. Despite the encouragement of a second place start, Edwards’ race turned badly, quickly.MORE>>>


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