5-Hour ENERGY announces full season sponsorship

Michael Waltrip Racing announced 5-Hour ENERGY will fund the entire 2012 racing season. The sponsorship expanded from 25 races to 37 includes all races with the exception of Talladega. Aaron's will sponsor the No. 15 in Talladega with a special University of Alabama paint scheme.

Kansas City, Kan., – The consistency of Clint Bowyer and the Michael Waltrip Racing stable in 2012 has led to an expansion of sponsorship for 5-Hour ENERGY on the No. 15 to a full season with the exception of a one race deal for Aaron’s—a longtime sponsor of Michael Waltrip Racing.

“It was kind of a no brainer,” said Scott Henderson, president of 5-hour ENERGY.

Bowyer announced the initial 5-Hour ENERGY partnership in conjunction with the announcement to move to MWR from Richard Childress Racing in October 2011 at Kansas Speedway. Bowyer’s move was scrutinized due to the lack of consistent on-track performance at MWR, but in 2012 those questions have been answered. Bowyer is 10th in the Sprint Cup points standings and has consistently been competitive—along with the entire MWR stable.

Henderson says that success made the decision to fund the entire season, “easy.”

“We were here last October and it was a big deal for us to move up to Sprint Cup racing from Nationwide,” Henderson said. “It was a big expenditure for us and a bit scary.”

Henderson said the amount of television time went well beyond expectations.

“I just have to say I can’t believe how well things have gone so far,” said Henderson.

Team owner Micheal Waltrip is no stranger to marketing successes. Waltrip has been able to secure and hold sponsorships when other teams with more on-track success often struggle. Norris said when MWR began the venture it was obvious that off-track was a priority focus, and that on-track would come in time. The company’s patience and diligence has paid off.

“When you talk about on-track performance there is nothing that beats it,” said Norris. “You have to have that element at some point to compliment what you’re doing off the track.”

“It took us a while,” Norris said. “We’re not there yet, we have more work to do, but to say we’re proud is an understatement.”


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